Welcome RhythmRingers!

RR was invented the good ol’ fashioned way, with 2 guys strumming the strings on the porch looking for some extra¬†accompaniment.¬† We got out the shake eggs, the small boxes of candy, and then emptied out the BB guns and started shakin! ¬†Suddenly we realized we needed to be able to hold our instruments too… duh!

And as they say, the rest is history.

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So Many Ways to Play

Play it with:
Guitar, ukulele, djembe, cajon, bongos, congas, or any other acoustic instrument or setting

Shake it:
Simply slide the RhythmRing onto the back of your strumming hand and play away. The percussionist out there may want a RhythmRing on each hand!

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RhythmRing videos

There are a hundred reasons folks are using the RhythmRing, and we’re excited to see how many are using it. Check out these videos of RhythmRing fans, and be sure to send us a message letting us know about your video!

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