Q?Can you tell me a little more about the RhythmRing?

RhythmRing won Best in Show, Small Products at NAMM 2010RhythmRings are made from high-strength polycarbonate, with a patented design that ensures a secure fit & extra comfort.

The RhythmRing is 1″ round and 1.5″ long, and the elastic finger strap fits all finger sizes (very small hands can use 2 fingers in the strap).

Q?Has RhythmRing won any awards?

As a matter of fact, RhythmRing won the “Best in Show, Small Products” award at NAMM 2010!

Q?My RhythmRing is a little snug… what can I do?

If your new RhythmRing is too snug, just pull on the strap a bit to help loosen it up. Regular play over time will also do the job.

Q?Are RhythmRings safe for children to use?

Yes, children ages 3 and up are able to play with the RhythmRing, but we do recommend that you keep it away from children under 3 years of age because of the small parts inside it.  RhythmRing is proud to say we’re non-toxic and made in the USA!