RhythmRing has gone Hollywood!

Check out these RhythmRing users… they come from all parts of the world and use them for all different purposes – but we’re sure that the main reason is that RhythmRings are just fun as heck to use!


We’ve found that the RRs that we’ve put in our music store are selling very well.  All I need to do is demo one and it’s SOLD!  We also offer some of LPs version of the RhythmRing…NO COMPARISON!  They suck and are way more expensive.  The RRs easily outsell them.  I want to order another 100 for the store.
Regards, David Reed –

I absolutely LOVE them.  We saw a guy wearing one at a coffee house in Denton, MD.  He played the djembe and when I heard how precise the rhythm of his shaker was, I instantly took notice.  I wanted to know how he was playing the drum with both hands, yet playing the shaker so precisely.  I had been attaching shakers to my leg to so that I could play guitar and hand drums. When I saw this nifty little device on his hand, I thought, BRILLIANT CONCEPT!

My down-syndrome brother and all the folks in his group home love them.  I even put one on a quadrapalegic young man who managed to shake it, not much, but we are working on it…
Thanks, Michelle

G’day Brian, just received my RhythmRings… even better in the real. Thanks again for you excellent service!
Greg – Gold Coast, Australia

Well what a wonderful surprise on my doorstep when I arrived home all worn out and tired from work tonight – You have made my Friday night :-)
Melissa – Australia

The NY Uke Fest was a success and the RhythmRings just flew. We brought 50 and pretty much sold out. I’m sure Beth will be calling in a new order soon.

The rings are here!  They are fantastic and will make great stocking stuffers!  The kids are going to love them!Thanks so much!
Judy – Canada

This thing is downright FUN!  My repair man put it on and was jamming on the Bari-uke and was grinning the whole time.